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When we think of fashion, we don’t particularly ponder the phrase “fast fashion.” Although we like our clothes to arrive quickly, a growing trend within the apparel industry and consumers is to produce clothing and accessories sustainably. More and more individuals and corporations are emphasizing being eco-friendly or sustainable, and apparel is no different. What’s trendy is no longer the cat-walk knock-off look but an outfit that the wearer feels good about wearing.

The Future of Fashion

Forbes, in a recent article, states that fashion is transitioning into a more sustainable future. The apparel industry is creating a cleaner tomorrow where the production and distribution of clothing and accessories are eco-friendly and sustainable. The formation of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) was due to the rising need for cleaner processes within the fashion industry.

The driving mission behind the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is to have the fashion industry “produces no unnecessary harm and has a positive impact on the people and communities associates with its activities.”

Is Digital Printing Eco-friendly?

Wondering about how digitally printing is a step forward with sustainability? Our digital printing method is a step above other printing methods on garments, including screen printing. A most striking difference between the two types of printing methods is how each places a design onto clothing or accessories. In screen printing, a design is made into a stencil that is then applied by pressing the screen onto a piece of apparel. Digital printing, though, uses technology to print the design directly onto the textile.

Another difference between screen printing and digital printing is ink thickness. Screen printing uses much thicker ink than digital printing. Due to digital printing using less ink, designs come out more precise and detailed. Since digital printing does not use screens as screen printing does, it allows for a more meticulous and photographic print on the apparel.

Not only is digital printing more cost-effective, but it also provides reductions in:

  • Emissions
  • Waste
  • Toxic chemicals

Learn more about how digital printing is better for the environment! Read our blog post, “Digitally Printing is Environmentally Friendly.”

Contact Us

Using our digital printing method at TRUE Apparel Printing, we offer the world and customers a cleaner future. We are here to help answer any questions about our eco-friendly printing methods. Please contact us at (970) 759-5814 or at for inquireies on creating digitally printed shirts.

We handle anything from small bridal parties to large business custom apparel. Contact us with questions or about custom orders! Call us at (970) 759-5814 or send us an email at To request a quote, please click here.

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