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Digital printing is changing the apparel industry. Screen printing is the traditional printing process for clothing and is still widely used because it creates crisp, vibrant colors. The downside to screen printing is flexibility. The screens are difficult to produce. They are labor-intensive and made in large quantities. Digital printing is making printing more manageable and flexible.

It is not easy to take an idea and immediately make it come to fruition, which is one advantage of digital printing. Unlike screen printing, digital prints are added directly to the apparel. The process begins by uploading the PDF to the printing company’s website. Rather than designing a screen and adding it to the shirt, digital printing creates the image directly to the shirt, bag, or whatever is developing. This process is similar to how an inkjet printer works.

A lot of companies are giving up traditional screen print for digital for several reasons:

  • Low cost
  • Efficiency
  • Simplicity

Digital printing is new and exciting, and some companies worldwide are using the latest technique to their advantage. This print medium is not unique to the world of printing but is to the apparel industry. Nike uses digital printing on their shoes, and have for years. Companies like this are looking for the most cost-effective options to produce their brands with minimal waste. If this process is suitable enough for Nike and True printing, it might be the perfect option for you or your company’s needs. 

For more information on True Apparel and their digital printing process, reach out through our website, email us at, or call (970) 759-5814.

Low Cost

Digital Printing is a much cheaper option than using screen printing. The main reason is the lack of waste or overproduction. Traditional or screen printing makes individual screens for each product they are going to produce. Since this can be a very long process, most screen printed apparel is bulk manufactured.

There are times when bulk printing is useful because producing large quantities of products is easy, and if the garment is trendy, that shirt or bag will not be sitting in the stock room for very long. However, if sales are not going well, a company may be stuck with many unwanted products they must throw out or sell at a discounted price. Digital printing helps alleviate some of these problems.

Small businesses do not have the time and resources to waste money, and digital printing offers an alternative solution. The biggest cost-saver would be the printing process itself. Screenprints must produce a unique plate for each piece of apparel, which can take a lot of time. Also, making sure the colors match the design can be complicated/ There is no guesswork or wasted designs with the wrong colors when using digital printing. The idea is to get it right the first time. 

As stated earlier, screen printing apparel is mass-produced. Digital printing makes it easy to create as few or as many as needed. It is also much faster to print on clothing using the digital method. If more volume is necessary, a company can quickly order more since there is no screen plate to design for printing. Overall, digital printing is a cheaper option for printing apparel, especially for smaller companies or individuals.


Screen printing is the traditional way of creating apparel with designs, but that does not mean it is the most efficient way. The most significant difference between digital and screen printing is production speed. Digital is much quicker because of all the extra work that goes into the screen printing process. For every set of shirts, bags, or other apparel, each specific print job needs a unique print plate made. In contrast, digital printing skips this process altogether and prints directly to the material. This process speeds up the production, which leads to faster shipping times, and customers get their products more quickly.

Although faster production is good for business, this does not always translate to sound quality, but this is not the case with digital printing. The digital process is quicker because the process of printing and manufacturing is so much different. It does not affect the quality of the material. There is always fear that the print screen can tear or not adhere to the shirt correctly, but that type of waste does not exist with digital print. Also, products are manufactured in smaller quantities if needed, meaning that there will be less waste in the stock room or on shelves if something does not sell well. 


The process of digital printing is what makes it so appealing to small businesses, large companies, or even individuals. It is simple. There are not many moving parts that go into creating a design. Also, as long as the customer has a computer and access to a printer, they could theoretically do it independently.

The process starts by taking a design and putting it in Portable Document Format, or PDF. It may seem scary to create the design and convert it using computer programs, but anyone that has written a Word-type document has experience saving things as a PDF. Once the composition converts to PDF, the next step is the most important, sending the PDF to the printing company. It is essential to make specific colors and size matches, and printing begins once the final inspections finish. It is that easy. 

There are very few moving parts, and it is easy to transition from one project to another. Anyone that likes a simple process and knows what design they specifically want may fall in love with digital printing. 

True Apparel Appeal

Digital printing is a new technology here to stay and will only continue to grow over time. Screen printing is the more traditional method. Although it creates exceptionally vibrant colors and more textured designs for apparel, it can be costly, inefficient, and slow to ship to customers.

Many small businesses have financial concerns and do not have a second chance at introducing a new product, so everything must be right the first time. These companies cannot afford to have stock collecting dust on shelves or justify orders too large for their current needs. Bulk sales are a timeless issue with screen printing, but digital printing and True Apparel are changing that. 

True Apparel Printing is at the forefront in the new age of apparel printing. They make it easy for everyone to make their designs come to life on an array of apparel and accessories. Their process is more cost-effective and efficient than their screen printing competitors, and you or your company will reap the financial benefits. If your family or business is looking for customized apparel, look no further than True Apparel Printing.

Our Products

True Apparel Printing offers an array of accessories and apparel available for customization. All of these products can be purchased in both small and large quantities. These products include:

  • Accessories
  • Bulk Apparel
  • Caps
  • Hoodies
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Polos
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts

Contact Us

For more information on True Apparel and their digital printing process, reach out through our website, email us at, or call (970) 759-5814.

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