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Graphic Apparel

Turn your graphic art into graphic apparel with TRUE Apparel USA if you are trying to break into the world of clothing design or are trying to sell shirts to raise money for a cause close to your heart. At TRUE Apparel USA, we can bring your design to life with digital screen printing. Our TRUE Apparel USA team just needs a PDF to get your graphic art onto a shirt or garment of your choice to create a truly custom product for your graphic apparel. If you are looking for the best price for your graphic apparel or simply need to ask more questions, you can call us at 970-759-5814 or email us at

Digital-Printed Graphic Apparel

Looking for one of the best ways to make your graphic apparel pop off your shirt? Digital printing is one of the best ways you can make stand-out graphic apparel for your clothing company or organization. The digital printing method transfers a graphic design that is:

  • Easily Customizable
  • More Cost-Effective Than Screen Printing
  • Fast Printing Time
  • Brighter Colors
  • Shaper Lines
  • Consistent Print Quality Online Screen-Printing

If you’ve personally designed the graphic for your graphic apparel or you’ve commissioned someone to design a graphic for you, you are expecting to transfer exactly what is on that graphic to the apparel of your choice. Digital printing transfers striking vibrant colors and sharp lines quickly without compromising your graphic design. Visit our order page to upload your design as a PDF, and we will send you proof to make sure you are getting the product you want. If you have questions about our process or fabric we use to create your graphic apparel call us at 970-759-5814 or email us at

Bulk or Wholesale Custom Graphic Apparel

Starting a graphic apparel company can get costly and the best way to combat overspending is to create a plan. Knowing how many shirts to order and what sizes can significantly help your graphic apparel business. At TRUE Apparel USA we have the experience and support you need to order bulk or wholesale custom graphic apparel. Your graphic apparel needs to be a consistent top-level quality for all your customers. Our bulk and wholesale orders have competitive pricing. Contact us by email at or call us at 970-759-5814 for a quote on your bulk or wholesale custom graphic apparel.

How To Create Graphic Apparel

Looking to start a graphic apparel business or just need to create a shirt design for an event? Here is a step by step process on how to create a great graphic design for your graphic apparel.

  1. Know your brand and have a message.  Are you starting from the ground up? Start with what you want your brand or message to convey. Do you want to share your passion for your love of animals? Or maybe you love all things fitness and what to create graphic apparel for people who love to work out. Just make sure with each design you are keeping a consistent brand message.
  2. Typography, Photo, Graphic, or all of the above? This choice doesn’t have to be consistent across all of your designs. It’s even preferred that you keep your graphic apparel new and exciting while still sticking to your message. Do you just want a word or a quote on a shirt? You should look into a typography design. What to use a photo you took or a commercial use photo to convey your message? Stick that photo on a shirt! What to use your digital art skills to make a fun and vibrant piece of art? Choose a graphic. Lastly, feel free to combine all of the above for a fresh and unique design for your graphic apparel.
  3. Choose a printing method. Once you have a shirt design you love it’s time to choose a printing method. There are lots of great methods for printing shirts like screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, and more!
  4. Choose a company to print your designs. This step is important to ensure your graphic apparel is being created with care and your designs are being printed at a high and consistent quality. You also want to be sure you are comparing the rate per shirt and also how fast they can ship you your order. Look for a shop that offers guarantees behind their products.

This is just a simple four-step graphic apparel process but sometimes it takes more time and execution. Be sure you are researching, ordering samples, and comparing companies before making your final decision. Your customer will care about the quality of your product, how good the print looks, and how fast or slow it took to make it to them. If you want a company that offers consistent and quality shirt printing for your graphic apparel that never compromises quality or timeliness. You can give us a call at 970-759-5814 or email us at Let’s get you on the path of creating your own graphic apparel company.

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