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We all try to reduce our carbon footprints in our daily lives and use various items that allow us to create less trash, etc. So, shouldn’t businesses be doing so too? Often, retail customers are looking to support businesses that are eco-friendly and have sustainable packaging and branding. Well, when using the digital printing method, this is actually exactly what is being done! At TRUE Apparel Printing, our printing method allows us to create affordable products in the most sustainable way we can.

Digital Printing Reduces Emissions

The machinery used in digital printers produces far less Carbon Dioxide, CO2, and emissions than other printing methods and presses do. Most of the machines that are used have a lower environmental impact than more traditional printing methods do. Due to the fact that digital printing is great for small and short-run orders, it will produce no extra product, and it will use less ink overall.

Digital Printing Reduces Waste

Proofs can be sent digitally, which means there is no waste or product involved in this process as there is with offset or screen printing. During the direct-to-garment, DTG, process, there will be the exact amount of ink needed to print the image on the apparel. There will be no other ink wasted or used in screen printing where an excess of ink will be wasted for each product.

Digital Printing Uses Less Toxic Chemicals

In traditional printing methods, there are many toxic chemicals used to produce a printed product. With digital printing, it’s an easy and nearly toxic-free process. There is no need to clean or remove old ink from screens or presses as there would be in other printing methods. Overall, DTG uses fewer chemicals and conserves water as well.

TRUE Apparel Printing In Durango, CO

Using our digital printing method here at TRUE Apparel Printing, we can offer the world and our customers a cleaner future for products and, hopefully, the world. To inquire about how our printing method is eco-friendly, please contact us at or give us a call at (970) 759-5814.

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