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Are you amidst planning a reunion, bachelorette, or any other celebration? Using custom printed t-shirts is the perfect way to make everyone feel included in your upcoming event. We know everyone has seen tacky shirts that families or friends personally decorate and wear out. With digital printing, your designs can become clean, crisp, and uniform. Let’s put it this way; whether you want to raise awareness or just have good ol’ plain fun, printed apparel is the way to go.

Virtual Customization Made Easy

Any type of events that you need for custom-printed merchandise will be able to print swiftly and efficiently. Are you scrambling to put together a last-minute event? No worries. If an individual decides to host a spur-of-the-moment event, our team will work tirelessly to get them their merchandise promptly. 

Quickly creating content is not a challenge in the world of custom printing. Customers are rest assured that their products will arrive on time and with the design specifications they’ve requested.

Before digital printing methods took the industry by storm, traditional methods only allowed for giant, bulk quantities of products to be created. This method made the process slow and inefficient. We are happy to say that with our digital printing methods here at TRUE Apparel Printing, this is no more! Custom printing has completely changed and now allows event coordinators to request as much or as little merchandise as needed for an event!

With our company’s ability to create unique custom designs, we can provide T-shirts and various types of custom gear at events. Let us handle your event apparel needs today!

Let’s Print Your Party Needs

TRUE Apparel printing is here to help you through your party and even apparel needs. In just a few steps, we will work with you through the entire process, from creating your design and helping select the suitable material of apparel.

Start by Creating a Design

Don’t show up to the event with a blank t-shirt. Get into the party mood with custom printed apparel. Simply start by creating your custom design. Don’t know exactly what design you want? We can help you design from start to finish!

Decide On Quantity and Budget

An essential step before ordering is identifying how much of the product you’ll need for your upcoming event. Make sure to count and then double count so that you have enough for those who need it. In addition, you will also need to nail down what your budget is. When ordering in bulk quantities, we can reduce the price of each item so that it is more cost-effective. Besides knowing the total amount, customers will need to be aware of each different size that you should order.

Choose Your Fabric and Apparel Type

Another essential step in ordering your event’s custom apparel is choosing the apparel type and fabric selection that you want. Here at TRUE Apparel Printing, we will work hand-in-hand with our customers to explore the various fabric options available. It is important to note that other fabrics may affect the price. Be aware of your budget during this phase and adjust it accordingly if needed. Once these steps are complete, all that’s left is sending the PDF file of your design to us. When our team receives the file, we will be ready to print it!

We want to ensure that what we provide is exactly what our customers want. To double-check for accuracy, we will send you proof of the design to the customer. Once the customers approve, we will begin the printing process. Finally, once the custom apparel finishes, the apparel is shipped out and on its way to its final destination. Don’t forget to leave a review of your experience working with us at TRUE Apparel Printing!

How We Print Your Designs

The digital printing method of printing is quite simple and produces excellent results. Here’s how we can provide custom-printed apparel for your next event.

  1. We will begin once we have received your printable files.
  2. Our team will then feed the appropriate apparel to be printed on into our machine using a feed roller. 
  3. A thousand tiny ink droplets will then be applied to the fabric, creating the design.
  4. Once the ink design is complete, the apparel is sent through a heat chamber to cure the ink.
  5. After the ink cures, the fabric will be ready for you to wear.

File Formats For Digital Printing

The appropriate file format for digital printing needs to be submitted in a vector format. For those new to this format, one can change the file type by using the export option on the computer once in the file. Vector files include AI, PDF, or EPS. A good default option to choose when sending your design is a PDF file.

More Than Just Shirts

Here at TRUE Apparel Printing, we offer more than just printed t-shirts. Our company can provide an array of accessories and apparel available for customization. Individuals can purchase all of these products in small and large quantities, no matter the size of their party. These products include:

  • Accessories
  • Bulk Apparel
  • Caps
  • Hoodies
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Polos
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts

Contact Us

To work with us on creating your own digitally printed custom shirts and accessories, please contact us at (970) 759-5814 or at We handle anything from small bridal parties to large family reunions. To request a quote, please click here.

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