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Custom Printed Hoodies

So, you’ve finished designing the perfect hoodie, and now all you have to do is print it! It seems simple, right? Well turns out there are a lot of options for custom printed hoodies! There are print options, pricing options, bulk options, and even drop shipping options. Knowing what you want out of your custom printed hoodie is all part of starting your custom garment business. Or even if you are running a one-time custom printed hoodie for your sports team, family reunion, or even trivia night, knowing what you need is an essential aspect of deciding how to get your hoodies printed.

Digital-Printed Hoodies

If you want your graphic to pop off the hoodie, you will want to choose digitally printed hoodies. Digitally printed hoodies create a more vibrant look and color for your design. Digital printing also offers a faster turnaround time to get your products out sooner. Thanks to this printing method, you can have the best of both worlds’ quality and low cost.

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    Bulk and Wholesale Custom Printed Hoodies

    Are you planning on opening an apparel business or planning an event? You may want to look into bulk and wholesale hoodies when you order shirts in bulk, end up saving money on cost per hoodie, leaving a lower price for your customers, or a more significant return! With screen printing methods, ordering in bulk can be costly, and your prints may not be consistent from garments to garments.

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    Design Your Own Custom Printed Hoodies

    Haven’t begun creating a design for your printed hoodies? Depending on what you are trying to convey, you’ll need to take a few of these into account:

    • Is this for an event?
    • Do you have a projected amount of attendees?
    • If you’re starting a business, what is your brand? How do you want to convey your brand message?
    • What is your brand message?
    • Will you use the same art style across all your designs?
    • Will you want to use your design for other items like cups, mugs, hats?
    • Where and how will you sell or promote your apparel?

    Once you have these questions answered, you’ll better understand the design(s) you’ll need to create and how your brand will be carried across all mediums and outlets. If you’re just learning graphic design, keep it simple! Enjoy your art and keep practicing, ask for feedback, and discover new art styles. You’ll have a whole line of apparel designs in no time. Here are some areas you may want to explore in order to step up your design game and create hoodies everyone will love:

    • Typography
    • Color Theory
    • Basic Design Elements, i.e. lines & shapes
    • Framing
    • Shapes

    Exploring these design elements can help you expand your artistic boundaries and create apparel for your fans, friends, family, and groups!

    Digital Printing vs. Heat Transfer

    Choosing a method to print your design onto a hoodie is one of the most crucial decisions besides deciding on your design. The way you choose to print will determine its wearability, durability, vibrancy, print consistency, and comfort. When your customer orders a hoodie, they want that garment to last a lifetime, make sure you choose a printing method that doesn’t start flaking off after one or two washes. We’re going to compare the heat transfer method versus a digital printing method.

    Heat Transfer Printing

    The heat transfer process works in two steps. In the first part of the process, your graphic design is printed onto wax paper. The ink is either sublimation ink or Pigment ink, depending on what is important to you. Once one of those inks has been printed onto the paper, you are ready for step number two. This step is where the heat transfer comes into play! A hot iron press is used to press the wax paper and ink onto the garment to create a bond. A few downsides of this method are:

    • Applying heat to the design will ruin the image
    • This method doesn’t make for a comfortable garment
    • Expensive to create in bulk
    • Will not stand the test of time

    If you’re using this method for a small number of shirts for a one-time event, this may be an excellent method to go with, but if you want your shirts to be high-quality, comfortable, and last a lifetime, you may want to keep looking into other options.

    Digital Printing

    Digital printing is an excellent option for those who are looking to create small or large orders. This method has a quick turn around time and offers vibrant color prints. Whether you’re designing a one-off shirt or plan on having the hoodie in your collection forever, digital printing can make it happen for a lower cost than other printing methods can’t offer. Here are a few pros of getting your hoodies digitally printed:

    • Easy Personalization
    • Cost-effective
    • Quick Printing Time
    • All-around faster turn-a-round time
    • Brighter colors and sharper lines
    • Quality and consistent printing

    At TRUE Apparel Printing, we can provide you with a high-quality custom hoodie for your group or business. Call us today at 970-759-5814 or email us at We’d love to hear your goals and even answer your questions about printing, design, or the garment products we use.

    Custom Printed Hoodies from TRUE Apparel Printing

    At TRUE Apparel Printing, we are committed to printing your custom made designs on to quality hoodies. You worked hard to design the perfect hoodie for your customers, family, or friends, and we want to ensure to translate all of that love and time to the garment. Whether you’re creating a hoodie for your fans, friends, family event, trivia night, fundraiser, or school, TRUE Apparel Printing is here for you. Get your custom printed hoodies from a team of experts in the digital printing field. You can choose to order small quantities or large quantities of custom garments from TRUE Apparel Printing, where we guarantee quality and timeliness! Use our order page to upload your design as a PDF, and we will send you a digital proof to make sure you are getting the quality product you want. Wear your custom hoodie with pride when you choose digital printing. Have questions about our process or fabric we use? Call us today at 970-759-5814 or email us at