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Custom Sweatshirt Printing

There are a lot of people who think about custom sweatshirt printing. Have you ever wondered how to turn your design dreams into a reality? We can help with our custom sweatshirt printing! Have you had a design stuck in your head that you’ve wanted to bring to fruition for your next family function? Look no further than TRUE Apparel USA.  Using a digital printing method to make even your most detailed design come true, TRUE Apparel USA will supply you with high-quality digitally printed products such as sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories.

Digital Printing

Starting with the file of your desired digital image our graphic software will send your custom design to the printer. The printer will begin to create the image by printing layers of ink onto the fabric of your choice. The digital printing process is precise and will be able to flawlessly capture even the most intricate of designs. What makes digital printing stand out amongst other types of apparel printing is that digital printing deposits ink inside of the garment. This helps the design last longer and appear more vibrant.

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    Digital Printing Process

    The digital printing method of printing is quite simple one that produces great results. Once the files have been received, the printing process involves using a feed roller to feed the apparel that the image is set to be printed on.  Using a thousand tiny ink droplets, the ink is applied to the fabric. It is then sent through a heat chamber that cures the ink. After the ink is cured the fabric is washed and dried and ready for you to wear.

    File Formats For Digital Printing

    You may be wondering what the appropriate file format is for digital printing. You will need to submit your design in vector format. You can change the file type by using the export option on your computer once you are in the file. Vector files include AI, PDF or EPS. If you are unsure, the easiest option to choose is a PDF file.

    Digital Printing Advantages

    • Speed: If you need your custom items quickly, digital printing will be able to handle rush orders in large and small quantities. Once the digital image is supplied, printing commences and has no waiting time, unlike screen printing.
    • Detailing: Even the most precise designs with small details can be re-created using the digital printing method. Complex prints, artwork, and sharp images are no battle for superior digital printing.
    • Cost: The minimal amount of set-up and equipment to print custom items makes the digital printing process more affordable and cost-effective than other printing methods.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Since digital printing does not use a lot of machine equipment, not only is it cost-effective but it is also environmentally friendly. Though it does still use some chemicals, digital printing uses far less toxic chemicals than other methods which means less chemical disposal.
    Custom Sweatshirt Printing

    What To Do Before Ordering Your Custom Sweatshirt Printing

    • Create Your Design: Blank sweatshirts are out and customs are in! Start with creating your custom design. We can’t begin to print your product without it.
    • Decide On Quantity and Budget: An important step before ordering is identifying the proper amount of product you need as well as the amount you are willing to spend. Ordering in bulk quantities will reduce the price of each item and be more cost-effective. In addition to knowing the quantity, you will need to be aware of the amount of each different size that should be ordered.
    • Choose Your Fabric and Apparel Type: Another important step to decide on before order is choosing the fabric and apparel type. Explore the various different fabric options that are available that may affect the price so be aware of your budget during this phase as well and adjust accordingly if needed. Once all of these steps have been done, all that’s left is to send over the PDF file of your design and order! When we have received your file and are ready to print we will send you a proof of the design to double-check for accuracy and appearance. Once you’ve signed off on it we will begin the printing process. Finally, once your apparel is done you will receive your sweatshirts. Don’t forget to leave a review of your experience working with us at TRUE Apparel Printing!

    Get Your Custom Sweatshirt Printing From TRUE Apparel Printing

    At TRUE Apparel Printing, we are dedicated to printing your custom designs onto our high-quality sweatshirts and apparel. We know that you want your designs to come out perfectly and in turn, so do we. No matter the need, special occasion, personal, business, or anything more, TRUE Apparel Printing has got your apparel printing needs to be covered. Use our order page to upload your custom design as a PDF for printing. We will send you a proof image of the product to ensure you are completely happy with the appearance. If you have any further questions about the printing process, the fabrics we use, or any other inquiries about ordering please give us a call at (970) 759-5814 or send us an email at We look forward to making a masterpiece with you! To send us a message direct visit our contact us page.