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Custom Shirt Printer

Whether you have a great t-shirt design idea, organizing a family reunion, or creating shirts for your team, having a custom shirt printer is important and TRUE Apparel USA uses digital printing methods to make your designs come to life on your shirt! TRUE Apparel USA uses digital printing rather than screen printing, which may wear-off and deteriorate over time. Submit your design to us by using our orders page, provide us with the number of shirts you need, and we will send proof to your email address and address or suggest any things we feel will make your design into a custom printed t-shirt masterpiece. If you need help or simply need to ask more questions, you can call us at 970-759-5814 or email us at We would love to be your custom shirt printer!

Custom Digital-Printed T-Shirts

Using a custom shirt printer is one of the best ways to transfer your digital designs onto a garment. This method of printing prints directly onto the fabric or other material to create a stronger bond between the ink and fabric. Here is a list of advantages of using digital printing for your custom printed t-shirts:

  • Easy Personalization
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick Printing Time
  • All-around faster turn-a-round time
  • Brighter colors and sharper lines
  • Quality and consistent printing

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    When you choose digital-printed custom t-shirts for your event, reunion, or team shirts, you can rest assured that you will get a high-quality print with striking colors and consistency in each printed shirt. TRUE Apparel USA only uses digital printing for your custom printed t-shirts. Use our order page to upload your design as a PDF, and we will send you a proof to make sure you are getting the product you want. Wear your custom shirts with pride when you choose digital printing for your custom printed t-shirts. Have questions about our process or fabric we use? Call us at 970-759-5814 or email us at

    Digital-Printed vs. Screen Printing

    When it comes to deciding on how to have your shirt design transferred to a t-shirt, there are two distinct options, Digital Printing or Screen Printing. It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a shirt as well as what is essential for your printing.

    How Digital Printing & Screen Printing work

    Digital printing is a direct-to-garment transfer, whereas screen printing is a method that uses a mesh stencil and ink to sink ink into the fabric. Digital printing has been around for the past 15 years and is quickly developing into the leading choice of shirt printers everywhere.

    Longevity Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing

    Because digital printing is direct to garment printing, the ink is able to bond with the fabric in a more substantial way than screen printing offers. Screen printing pushes ink through a mesh stencil to imprint the ink onto fabric, which doesn’t create a solid bond like direct-to-garment offers.

    Color of Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing

    If you have a design that involves color vibrance, then digital printing is your best bet. Since screen printing uses plastisol ink, the system comes out too opaque and is unable to create a vibrant look as digital printing does.

    Comfort of Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing

    Your print’s feel may be one of the most significant factors in choosing to go with digital printing or screen printing. If comfort is your primary concern, then you’ll love how a digital print on a custom printed t-shirt will feel. It isn’t as heavy as a traditional screen print, and the design doesn’t feel rough. Digitally printed shirts also give breathability, unlike screen printing, this is a huge concern if you’re planning on using these for any outdoor or sporting events.

    When it comes to choosing a digitally printed shirt or a screen-printed shirt, it very much depends on how you intend to use the shirt. If you want a quality, thoughtful design with vibrant colors and fabric breathability, the choice is clear, and a digital custom printed t-shirt is your best option.

    Custom Shirt Printer: Bulk and Wholesale

    When you need to order a large quantity of custom printed shirts, TRUE Apparel USA has the support you need. We provide top quality, vibrant custom t-shirts for your group, event, or team. Contact us by email or call us at 000-000-0000 for a quote on bulk or large quantity orders. You’ll find that our bulk orders pricing is competitive, and since there is a large quantity to print, you will see a discounted price compared to small run print orders. The larger your shirt order, the lower your cost per shirt will be! Bulk or wholesale orders are as simple as our small quantity orders. Get custom digitally printed shirts for your event, group, or any gathering that would benefit from your custom print design. Call us today at 970-759-5814 or contact us by email, and we can help get your event or gathering the shirts they need to celebrate.

    Design Your Own Custom Printed T-Shirts

    When you order custom printed t-shirts from TRUE Apparel USA, you have the option to create any design you’d like! Have a created teammate or employee that can create an outstanding and vibrant shirt design for your company, team, or event—or interested in commissioning a design from your favorite local artist? No matter what design you have in mind, we can digitally print your custom design that your wearers will love. All we need is a PDF file! No need for SVG, PSD, or AI files! Need direction or help with your design? TRUE Apparel USA can help you create the perfect shirt for your team or event! Email us at or call us at 970-759-5814, and we’d be happy to discuss your options and design details.

    Custom Shirt Printer from TRUE Apparel USA

    At TRUE Apparel USA, our company prides itself on the comfort, quality, and durability of the products we print for you. We treat your design and preferences with the utmost care and importance. Whether you’re creating a shirt for your athletics team, fan shirts, family reunion, religious event, trivia team, or any event you want to celebrate with custom matching shirts, TRUE Apparel USA is here for you. Get your custom printed t-shirts from a team of experts in the digital printing field. Order small quantities or large quantities of custom garments from TRUE Apparel USA, where we guarantee quality and timeliness! Use our order page to upload your design as a PDF, and we will send you a proof to make sure you are getting the product you want. Wear your custom shirts with pride when you choose digital printing for your custom printed t-shirts. Have questions about our process or fabric we use? Call us at 970-759-5814 or email us at To send us a message visit our contact page.