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True Apparel Printing Services

specializes in custom digitally printed apparel

About Us

True Colorado Printing

TRUE Apparel Printing is a printing company that is located in Durango, Colorado that specializes in custom digitally printed apparel. However, our business is more than just a printing company. We are a fast-growing team of individuals who work hard to make your ideas come to fruition and share the same passion for design as you do. The excitement that our team has while working with every client and on every project sets our company out from the rest.

Custom Apparel Service

True Colorado Printing

The method of printing that we use to flawlessly print your design on our apparel is the digital printing method. This method of printing is a quite simple process that produces great results every time no matter the image. Once the PDF files have been sent to us and we have received them, the printing process will begin by using a feed roller to feed the apparel that the image is set to be printed on. Using a thousand tiny ink droplets, the ink is then applied to the fabric. The apparel is then sent through a heat chamber that cures the ink. After it is cured, the fabric is washed, dried, and ready for you to wear!

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